My favorite part of the Bible

There is a meme that goes around Facebook from time to time that says “my favorite part of the Bible is when God gives people free will, and then drowns the world for not acting the way he wanted.”

That’s pretty good, but I have another one. It admittedly is not as devastating as a global flood perhaps, but it is a bit of a head scratcher just the same.

“My favorite part of the Bible is when God kills the slaves of the people he is mad at for owning slaves.”  Exodus 11:4.

The bible of course makes it quite clear that slavery wasn’t the problem it was his “chosen people” as slaves that was the problem. You can tell because he only freed the Hebrew slaves and actually killed quite a few of the others slaves (which really seems like a missed opportunity to save more of that world “God so loved”). And are not we all supposed to be his chosen people? At very least shouldn’t slavery be immoral because “we are made in his image” no other reason to condemn slavery necessary?

This is one of the reasons why I’ve never been able to reconcile a global Jesus with a tribal OT God. I don’t buy the character development. I don’t understand why what difference someone’s ethnicity makes when it comes to slavery being immoral or not…I better stop here before I break goodwin’s law.