Lilith! That Snake!

Fun Bible Fact

The concept of Satan or the Devil as the tempting snake is Genesis 3 is a modern invention with little to no biblical basis

For most of the history of the Bible, particularly those living in during Old Testament times the snake in the Garden of Eden was just that, a snake.

However in the medieval period another curious interpretation arose, particularly in artistic depictions. The snake somehow became synonymous with Lilith, Adams first wife (According to Jewish mythology attempting to reconcile the differences between the creation stories of Genesis 1 and Genesis 2) (C.S. Lewis acknowledges this peice of Jewish mythology in Chapter 8 of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”).

This is why there is a half woman/half snake depicted at the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris and on the on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (completed in 1345, 671 years ago and 1512, 504 years ago respectively).


Bonus: Michelangelo’s depiction of Moses (and many other renaissance era renditions) included a set of horns due to a poor Latin translation of the Bible. Just goes to show even a genius will believe anything if they think the Bible said it.

horny moses 2