A Letter Part 8: You are Called to Reject Sexual Consumerism

You are called by God to reject sexual consumerism.

Again I have to ask what bible you are reading?

Judges 21: 10- 24

Describes the capture the destruction of a town and the capture of 400 women to be sex slaves, and when that was not enough women for all the men in the tribe of Benjamin, they hid in the bushes to kidnap and rape more women

Numbers 31: 7-18

After the destruction of a town Moses is furious that the Israelites allowed some women and children to live. He commanded them all to be put to death, except for the virgin women who they may keep for themselves, except for 32 of them who the lord demanded for himself, who were then conveniently given to the priest.

Deuteronomy 20: 10-14

God commands the enslavement of a town, and should the town be opposed to that idea, the Israelites were to kill every man, but the Israelites were free to enjoy the women, children, livestock, and plunder as spoils of war (women and children once again equal property).

Abraham, Jacob, King David and King Solomon, God’s best of the best list all engaged in various degrees of polygamy, sexual slavery, and rape.

God himself instituted a sex slave trade where women were kidnapped and trafficked, and if there were not any villages to ransack nearby you could always sell one of your daughters who you produced with your own sex slave. If anything the Bible teaches us that sexual consumerism is a great way to make a society thrive.