A Letter Part 7: Consumer Society Devalues Humans

Consumer society devalues human beings as they’re offered up for consumption.

You are definitely not the first person to make the argument that pornography objectifies and commodifies women. And like I’ve said, I’m not interested in trying to convince you otherwise, and that is also another valid secular argument to abstain from pornography. But let’s return to the Bible and see how the Father of God’s chosen people used women for consumption.

There was a man named Jacob who was later renamed Israel, as in the father of Israel. He worked for a man for 7 years in order to marry this man’s daughter, Rachel, in a business arrangement. After his 7 years, Jacob says to his business partner, “Give me my wife so that I may go into her,” which pretty graphically reveals Jacobs true intentions. The bible explicitly states that Jacob was in love with Rachel, so much so that those 7 years felt like mere days, but somehow Jacob didn’t realize until morning that he was actually given Leah for a wife. Of course, by then he had already had sex with her, thereby defiling her (because a woman’s worth is closely tied with her virginity) we can’t even be mad with Jacobs business partner because Jacob actively swindled his business partner out of a large portion of his herd by using absurd pseudo-science to manipulate the herd’s genetics, (where is a punnet square when you need one?) Somehow this worked anyways because #god, this is the same man who also stole his older brother’s birthright and blessing. Jacob had a week long honeymoon with the wife he didn’t want before he was allowed to marry the wife he did want (in exchange for 7 more years of work). Now Jacob didn’t hide his disdain for Leah, which created a birthing contest between the two sisters (because no longer virgins, their worth is tied to how many children they can produce). When either of the women became barren they forced Jacob on their slaves in order that they may steal their slave’s children for their own. Thus the nation of Israel, God’s chosen people were born of a thief and a swindler, and of four different women two of whom were procured in a business arrangement and two of whom who were slaves of the first two. Genesis 29 and 30

Jacob’s wives were business arrangements, you cannot be much more than a commodity than that. Jacob was so focused on consuming his new product that he didn’t even realize he didn’t get the model he wanted, until after he had spoiled the first one.

Abraham, the Father of Judaism, and his wife Sarai, treated their slave Hagar (who Abraham was raping) so poorly for doing what she was commanded to do (namely let Abraham rape her so she could bare children for Sarai to steal) that Hagar ran away. God confronted her, and turned her back to a life of abusive slavery (as if there was any other kind) which is a direct violation of his own law found in Deuteronomy 23:15 “If a slave has taken refuge with you, do not hand them over to their master.” Hagar couldn’t even find refuge with God. To throw salt in the wound when God tells Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac, God somehow conveniently forgets about Abraham’s first born son with Hagar, Ishmael. Although Ismael probably dodged a bullet there.