A Letter Part 6: Image-bearers of their Creator

The porn industry diminishes both men and women, instead of celebrating them as complex and glorious image-bearers of their Creator.

King David, a man described as a man after God’s own heart. Once saw a married woman bathing on a roof. He inquired after her, had her brought to him, impregnated her, then tried to cover up his actions, and when that failed, he murdered her husband. Now of course, David is a fallible man like any other and apt to sin just like any other, what I find interesting is Gods response. 2 Samuel 12:11 tells us that in order to punish David, God is going to take his wives, give them to his neighbor, so his neighbor may rape them in broad daylight.

Just to be clear, David rapes a married woman, and as punishment God has another man rape David’s wives. Again the wives didn’t do anything wrong, their sexual abuse is merely God’s tool to punish a man for sexually abusing another woman. Personally my head is still spinning trying to follow the logic. Not to be crude but if God were following “an eye for an eye” then God should have had another man rape David. But as Deuteronomy 22:28-29 demonstrates rape is always a transgression against her father or her husband, never against the woman herself. God’s chosen punishment for David, having his wives raped, highlights that fact.

Do you think God was celebrating King David’s wives as complex and glorious image-bearers of their creator/himself while he diminished them to nothing more than sexual pawns in order to punish David? If God doesn’t celebrate women as his complex and glorious image-bearers perhaps it is because he (or the authors of the Bible at any rate) doesn’t view women that way.

God also deems it appropriate to kill David and Bathsheba’s new born son, again not for anything the son did, being an infant and all, but again another person punished for what David did. Bathsheba of course should have been stoned to death for not yelling loud enough as the king forced himself on her, as we previously saw mentioned in Deuteronomy 22:23-24, so I guess she should just be thankful it was her son who died and not her. David of course also should have been stoned to death for sleeping with another man’s wife, but I guess it is good to be King, but I digress.