A Letter Part 5: Women are not objects

Women are not objects to be used and discarded

I once heard that everything one needs to know about the Bible can be found in the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah. In Sunday school we are supposed to be appalled at the wickedness of the mob, and awed by God’s divine wrath and justice, and simultaneously his mercy for rescuing the righteous man Lot and his daughters (but not his wife). Somewhere in there we forget, or maybe we don’t wish to see, what Lot’s actions were during the ordeal.

With an angry mob at the door (every man in the city in fact), demanding to rape Lot’s two guests. Lot offers an alternative, since the men have fallen under the protection of his roof the angry mob can do as they please with his two virgin daughters, they were to be used and discarded, Genesis 19:7. Apparently the protection of his roof does not apply to his own daughters. Again this is the only righteous man in the city of Sodom worthy of saving. Yet offering to let an angry mob brutally gang rape two young girls instead of protecting them doesn’t disqualify him from being saved. His wife on the other hand gets turned into a pillar of salt for looking behind her. That is how God and God’s righteous people treat women

Surprisingly the two angel/guests saved Lot’s daughters from being brutally gang raped, despite the best efforts of their father. The concubine who faced a similar situation in Judges 19:25-29 was less fortunate. After being used by a mob of angry men all night she was discarded and discovered dead on the doorstep the next morning. Her master then proceeded to dismember her and sent pieces of her to the twelve tribes of Israel as some kind of message.