A Letter Part 4: Women are Strong

Women are strong, capable, and equal

I agree with you completely that woman are strong, capable, and equal. But pardon me for being blunt, what Bible are you reading? There is nothing in the Bible to indicate that women and men are equal, in fact just the opposite. You said it yourself in the previous sentence, “men are to care for women—to provide and protect.” Women need protection because they are not strong. Women need to be provided for because they are not capable. Again these are not things I believe, but that is the paradox you just created. In my opinion women don’t need a man to protect or provide for them, they are qualified to do that all on their own.

If there was a divine mandate coming from the Garden of Eden, it is that women are inferior to men. Genesis 2:18 tells us that it was not good for man to be alone, so God would create a “helper” for him. A helper is not an equal.

Genesis 2:18-20 tells us God and Adam actively considered bestiality before God decided to create Eve, which is how much of an afterthought women were.

1 timothy 2:11-15 specifically mentions woman being created after man for why woman should not be permitted to teach or assume authority over a man, but must instead be quiet. If the Bible considered woman equal to men, there is no reason why a woman should not have equal opportunity to impart wisdom to men, or be in positions of authority, yet Biblically, woman being equal with men is forbidden.

Furthermore God could have chosen to create women from the earth as he did with all other living things, but he chose to build her out of a rib bone taken from a man. Which literally and symbolically makes Eve less than Adam, as it only took one rib bone from a man to create her.

If you ever wondered the value of a person Leviticus 27:3-7 has the answer. If there if I left any doubt in your mind that the bible considers women inferior to men, the fact that depending on the age of the woman, women are valued at roughly half to two thirds as much as men.