Protect the Children

Today I want to talk about North Carolina, and Rock stars, and transgender people in bathrooms. I know I am a little late to this party, in fact I was going to let it pass by, but I saw this blog from Ben Shapiro this morning and the meme below a short while after, I decided I really did need to lend my voice to it. Here a two other articles I had saved a while back by Matt Walsh and Ryan Anderson


While all three blogs cover varying aspects of reactions to North Carolina’s bill, they all touch on how they believe these musicians are hypocritically discriminating against North Carolina in response to North Carolina discriminating against transgender individuals. The key piece these bloggers seem to be missing is that transgender people are people. States are not people. You cannot discriminate against a state. Although I suppose corporations are supposedly people now, so how long before the Supreme Court gets a case about the personhood of states?

Are these musicians practicing discernment in their choice of venue, absolutely, as is their legal right. Say I own a strip club, and I really want the Newsboys to perform at my club. The Newsboys have no legal or constitutional obligation to perform at my strip club. None. The government has no authority to tell me where I have to open my business (they have some ability to say where I can’t open my business, zoning laws and what not) but If I was a Christian business owner, they couldn’t force me to open a store next to a strip club.

I find this argument similar to one a Christian family member used on me, that forcing bakers to sell wedding cakes to homosexual couples would be like forcing a Jewish deli to sell bacon. Excuse me, what? You can’t force a Jewish deli to sell bacon because Jewish delis don’t sell bacon. I also can’t force Wal-Mart to sell me a car because Wal-Mart doesn’t sell cars (at least a no location I am aware of).

Now say Bruce Springsteen was having a concert in Virginia and said that Christians couldn’t buy tickets to his show. That is discrimination on par with a Christian business not selling a wedding cake to a same-sex couple. Come wake me up when that happens, I will happily protest with you.

While I was writing this The Hill posted an article about Ted Cruz’s response to the bill. Cruz apparently argues that his position isn’t aimed at targeting transgender people but rather the “heterosexual pervert.” I wonder if Cruz knows that “transgender” and “heterosexual” don’t discuss the same thing, but that is beside the point. I think it is safe to assume Cruz actually meant the cisgender heterosexual pervert like the one Mike Huckabee admitted to being.

If the fear is 6 year old girls in the bathroom with 42 year old men I’m not sure why Ted Cruz isn’t freaking out about his daughter’s sharing the bathroom with Chaz Bono. If the fear is about sexual predators, then we should focus on legislation to prevent sexual predators, not legislation that would force transgender men into using the Women’s restroom.

Of course we already have legislation that deals with sexual predators. If I walk into a bathroom and just whip out my genitals for all to see, or peep over bathroom stalls, or in any other way harass the occupants of that bathroom that is illegal. It doesn’t matter if it is the Men or Women’s bathroom; or if I am a man or a woman; cisgender or transgender; or heterosexual or homosexual. Mix and match your favorites, it’s still illegal.

I would like to remind the general population of one Jerry Sandusky, what is the NC bathroom bill going to do to protect children from predators like Jerry Sandusky who liked to molest and rape 10 year-old-boys in the shower? It was the Men’s locker room after all, Sandusky had every right to be there. Are we going to ban grown men from having any contact with children next? That seems to be the most logical way to protect children from sexual predators.

This North Carolina law creates more problems than it solves (and that is just in terms of bathrooms, let alone NC’s economy) and does nothing to actually protect children which supporters claim is the primary purpose.

I call Bull Shit.