Evangelical Leader Lies: No One is Surprised


Well, it happened again. Franklin Graham somehow managed to appear on my Facebook feed. As aggravating as it is to see my Facebook circle liking and sharing this man’s thoughts as he spews misinformation, I suppose I should thank them though, because he always gives me something to write about. Here is what he had to say this time:


We could talk about how Franklin Graham takes a presidential debate question about waterboarding, and instead of using his Evangelical and Conservative platform to maybe do so good, like condemning a presidential candidate who has repeatedly bragged he would bring back waterboarding and worse. A presidential candidate who has claimed he would defeat ISIS by killing their families which beyond being a war crime just perpetuates terrorism (ever wonder why the middle east hates America so much?). A presidential candidate who insisted the military wouldn’t dare refuse to follow an illegal command from him before finally walking it back. We could talk about how Franklin Graham apparently doesn’t think any of that is important.

We could talk about how when Franklin Graham whines that our military has been held back and is the weakest it has been since WWII he is ignoring the fact that the U.S. spends more money on our military then the next 7-8 countries combined (depending on which data set you use) or that our military has spent $400 BILLION on a jet that can’t fly (seriously, didn’t the Wright brothers figure this out in the early 1900s?).

What I find interesting is that Franklin Graham took a presidential debate question about waterboarding and instead of actually relating it to the presidential debate, or to waterboarding, he turned it into an “Islamists hate America” post. I’ve been friends or colleagues with a number of Muslims over the past several years, and those are certainly not qualities I have seen, so I have to wonder which Muslims he is referring to. But glossing over that as well, there is one line that infuriates me more than even all of the rest.

“The god of Islam requires followers to die for him. The God I serve sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for me and to die for you.”

In my last post about Franklin Graham “Certainty and Salvation” I discussed how Franklin Graham expressed the same sentiment, but included a very important caveat “to be sure you are going to heaven” you can read more about that here. This time around however Graham seems to have forgotten his ever important caveat.

This is what irks me. According to Facebook Graham has nearly 3 and half million followers. I am going to throw out an assumption, but I find it doubtful that many of his followers have much experience with religions outside of Christianity. I find it doubtful that Franklin Graham has had many experiences with religions outside of Christianity. But he uses this platform of 3 and half million followers to perpetuate misinformation about differing religions to further his own political and religious agenda. In the last post I commented on he hides behind the certainty technicality (a technicality we could just as easily apply to Christianity), in this post he flat out lies. I am sure, if Graham were willing to take the time to actually study the Quran he could find plenty of legitimate areas to criticize Islam on (of course finding legitimate areas of criticism that doesn’t also easily lend itself to Christianity might be harder) but he insists on misrepresentation and lies obvious to anyone who is willing to take the time and look.

Franklin Graham is supposed to be a Godly Evangelical leader. If he wants to demonstrate the superiority of Christianity over Islam he needs to do so through its own merits, and not through deceit.